Conducting the LAP in a Healthcare Setting

In most healthcare settings, the LAP is administered in the emergency department. It has also been implemented in labor and delivery and community clinics. Hospitals and healthcare facilities partner with their local domestic violence program to conduct the LAP.

See Implementers by State for a current list of hospitals and healthcare facilities conducting the LAP.

Why Conduct the LAP in a Healthcare Setting

There are several indicators of abuse, such as injury, medical, emotional and treatment-related. In addition to treating the symptoms of domestic violence, such as chronic pain or mental health issues, hospitals and healthcare facilities have the opportunity to treat the many adverse health-related effects of abuse. A victim’s contact with the health care community presents a unique opportunity to identify the abuse, provide victims with care, and connect them with a domestic violence program. Administering the LAP in a healthcare setting is one method to accomplish the goal of assessing and connecting.

See How LAP Works for more information.