Domestic Violence Programs

Critical Role

Domestic violence service programs are central to the implementation and success of the Lethality Assessment Program-Maryland Model (LAP). The other implementers, law enforcement, healthcare, Maryland State Departments, criminal justice and other allied professionals, partner with domestic service violence programs. The domestic violence service program has three critical functions: 1) to speak with implementers and victims on the hotline as a part of the LAP protocol; 2) encourage victims to access their program’s services; and 3) provide life-saving services to victims.

See Implementers by State for a current list of domestic violence programs conducting the LAP.

Domestic Violence Service Program-Initiated (DVSP-I) LAP

Domestic violence service programs may also conduct Lethality Screening on hotline calls and while victim’s are utilizing their services. This provides another avenue to assess a victim’s level of danger and ensure services and safety planning are tailored to the unique needs of a victim.

See How LAP Works for more information.