Lethality Assessment Program – Maryland Model (LAP)

Project Description


Application Criteria:

  • Teams of at least one (1) law enforcement agency and at least one (1) community-based domestic violence service program serving the same jurisdiction.
  • At least one law enforcement agency or domestic violence service program on the team must be an OVW grantee or sub-grantee (Local or statewide partners [e.g., local prosecutor’s office or statewide domestic violence coalition] may be included as third-party signatories.
  • Applicant law enforcement agencies and domestic violence service programs must have language access policies and procedures in place that comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Safe Streets Act of 1968.
  • Applicant domestic violence service programs must have policies and procedures in place that provide access for individuals with disabilities per the Americans With Disabilities Acts of 1990 and 1991.
  • Applicant law enforcement agencies and domestic violence service programs must meet minimum required criteria for implementing the LAP set forth in the Implementation Readiness Checklist.
  • Applicant law enforcement agencies and domestic violence service programs must agree to the conditions set forth in the Letter of Commitment
  • The highest-ranking officials of each law enforcement agency, domestic violence service program, and third-party signatory (ies) (if applicable) must sign the accompanying attachments with original signatures.

 Implementation Process

Step 1: Application and Teleconference – Submission of application will be follow by individual interviews with the highest-ranking officials (Chiefs/Sheriffs, Executive Directors) at each applying agency and DVSP to more thoroughly explore the commitment to and enthusiasm for the LAP at the level of senior leadership. Additionally, we interview the Team Coordinator and state coalition.

Step 2: Pre-Training Meeting- A site visit will be scheduled with the high-ranking officials from the law enforcement and DVSP in selected jurisdictions. This meeting will cover the process and protocol of LAP and will review implementation and administration of LAP within the jurisdiction.

Step 3: Train-the-Trainer Session- After final approval is granted a Train-the-Trainer Session will be scheduled. 

Step 4: In-Service Training- The newly instructed law enforcement LAP trainers and DVSP trainers will conduct a 2 hour in-service session for their staff. In-service training will occur within two months of the Train-the-Trainer Session.

Step 5: Implementation- Implementation of LAP must occur (and finish training of staff) within four months of the train-the-trainer session.

Step: Follow up

  1.  Data Collection – following implementation, LAP coordinator will provide MNADV   with LAP statistical data from law enforcement and DVSP after the first 6-months   of implementation and annually thereafter.
  2.  Technical Assistance – MNADV will provide ongoing technical assistance as   needed.