How LAP Works

The LAP is a multi-pronged intervention that consists of a standardized, evidence-based lethality assessment instrument and accompanying referral protocol that helps first responders make a differentiated response that is tailored to the unique circumstances of High-Danger victims. Law enforcement officers and other community professionals trained in the LAP use an evidence-based lethality assessment instrument based on the pioneering research of Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell to identify victims of intimate partner violence who are in highest danger of being killed by their intimate partners. The Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) was originally designed for law enforcement. While the LAP is now used by various allied professionals—nurses, social workers, hospital personnel, case workers, and court personnel—the basic protocol is similar for all disciplines.

Once a High-Danger victim has been identified, the first responder immediately connects the victim via a hotline call to the local domestic violence service program (DVSP) for emergency safety planning and enhanced service provision.